Audio Post Production Solutions


The competition, work pace, and session complexity faced by audio post professionals have never been more intense. You need powerful and creative tools that help you work more efficiently, create the highest-quality soundtracks, and stand apart in an extremely competitive industry. Our audio post solutions—centered around industry-standard Pro Tools workflows and the Avid MediaCentral Platform—enable post professionals of all backgrounds to take on the most demanding sessions and maximize their creative output.

  • Create the highest quality audio soundtracks with a variety of integrated audio and video tools
  • Record, edit, and mix dialog, sound, and music easily for ADR, Foley, sound effects, and the score
  • Manage massive volumes of media efficiently with powerful DSP systems, control surfaces, and more
  • Share media and collaborate with your team, no matter where they're based
  • Accelerate complex mixing tasks with precision hands-on control

Whether your sound work is for feature films, television, commercials, or video games—in a facility or independently—we offer a variety of tools to meet your needs and budget. Find solutions for sound mixing, sound editing, and recording here.