Pro Mixing Solutions


Mixing music or sound for picture is a creative adventure filled with many challenges. From ensuring that the overall mix sounds the best that it possibly can be, to dealing with hundreds of tracks, thousands of audio clips, less than perfect sounds, and compressed deadlines, a good ear and the right mixing tools can elevate your career. That's why our consoles and control surfaces have found permanent homes in many of the world's most successful recording studios and post facilities.

  • Take deep, intelligent, precision control of Pro Tools and other popular DAWs
  • Control volume, pan, EQ, dynamics, plug-ins, playback, and more—right from the surface
  • Mix with your ears, eyes, and hands with intuitive and ergonomic tactile controls
  • Switch between music and post-production projects in seconds, increasing your versatility
  • Get rich visual feedback to monitor every aspect of your mix at every stage

Whether you're mixing music or a film/TV soundtrack, we have a pro mixing solution—from large-scale surfaces to portable controllers—for every need and budget.