Studio Production Solutions


When it comes to putting on shows in the studio, your scenery can have just as much of an impact on your brand and viewership than the talent in front of the camera. By displaying eye-catching and truly unique graphics and video across your studio that complement your identity and show topic, you can make viewers stop and take notice. We offer solutions that not only help keep audiences engaged, but can visually enhance the possibilities of how you present a story or point of view.

  • Captivate viewers with large-scale high-res graphics and animation displays
  • Build a better brand with real-time graphics authoring and playout
  • Extend viewer engagement by interacting with them across social media
  • Give your studio or outdoor location a whole new look with virtual 3D graphics
  • Keep audiences informed with up-to-the-minute news, stats, and results

Whether you want to enhance your studio's visuals or make it over completely, we offer a variety of solutions to make your business look good.