Video Editing Solutions


Whether you’re creating a Hollywood blockbuster, crafting a short film, or making videos for social media, today’s audiences want to be entertained. Frequently. To keep up with the ongoing demand, you need editing tools that free you from technical distraction, so you can spend more time in the creative zone. Our industry-leading solutions provide the cutting-edge tools and streamlined workflows you need to focus on telling the best story possible. Quickly and easily. It's what we call next level editing.

  • Create high-quality, compelling stories with the same tools used across the film and TV industry
  • Edit SD, HD, UHD, 2K, 4K, 8K, and a wide variety of other file formats and resolutions
  • Get the look and sound you want with built-in visual effects, transitions, titles, and audio tools
  • Work with what you have or want with support for a variety of cameras and video interfaces
  • Collaborate with other editors—locally or remotely—to turn around projects faster

Whether you're a professional editor, aspiring to be one, or just want to edit videos for fun, we've got you covered.