Noise and Reverb Removal Plug-ins from Accusonus

Use powerful single-knob noise and reverb removal tools to repair your audio in Pro Tools and Media Composer with the Accusonus ERA Single-Knob Pack or step up to the world-class ERA-D for professional results in your Pro Tools audio post production work.

Avid customers can take advantage of unprecedented savings during October 2017. Get the ERA Single-Knob Pack for only $59 USD (reg. $118 USD) or get the powerful ERA-D plug-in for just $149 USD (reg. $299 USD).

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ERA Single-Knob Pack: Powerful Single-knob Solutions

Perform high-quality noise and reverb removal with simple single-knob control. Includes both the ERA-R and ERA-N plug-Ins for the price of one! Let’s face it, noise and excessive reverb happen but you don’t have to settle. Most tools on the market are hard and slow to use, and give you only mediocre results.

ERA Single-Knob Pack is a high-quality denoising and dereverberation solution that just works. Get the powerfully simple ERA-N and ERA-R tools and take advantage of multi-patented, low-latency repair of your audio in Pro Tools and Media Composer.


Whether you are working with dialog, voiceovers, lectures, podcasts, or speeches by the bride and groom, ERA-N has you covered. You can greatly reduce and remove unwanted fans, air-conditioners or other background noise with the turn of a single knob.

ERA-N overview

Watch ERA-N remove noise in Avid Media Composer


Does your audio sound distant, echo-ey or hollow? Having trouble hearing  the speech clearly? Bring the sound closer, add clarity, clean up your dialogue tracks and tighten up your music performances. ERA-R is the only plugin that removes excessive reverb with a single knob.

ERA-R overview

Discover new ways to use reverb removal creatively

For a limited time—get the ERA Single-Knob Pack for only $59 USD (reg. $118 USD)

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ERA-D: Professional Noise and Reverb Removal for Audio Post Production

ERA-D is for post-production professionals and dialogue editors that want the fastest route to audio denoising and dereverberation with world class results, even on the most challenging recordings. 

This powerful AAX plug-in offers features unavailable in comparable products. In the real world, noise and reverb happen at the same time and interact with each other. ERA-D knows this and uses reverberation suppression algorithms while denoising for better quality audio repair. 

With its dual-channel operation, use your boom mic to improve the audio repair quality on your talent/lavalier mic. And use any secondary microphone to improve the audio repair quality on your primary microphone.  Use the dual channel mode to reduce noise or reverb in stereo recordings without corrupting stereo images.

ERA-D overview

Watch ERA-D quickly de-noise clips using AudioSuite 

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