Pro Tools

Pro Tools redefined the music, film, and TV industry, providing everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix audio.

Pro Tools for Education is designed for both students and teachers, to provide the best head start to a successful career.

Get all of the same tools, features, and workflows of Pro Tools professional-grade software at incredible student pricing.

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Media Composer

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Media Composer is THE go-to video editing software for the film and TV industry. Over 95% of all mainstream movies released over the last year, and most TV series too, were edited on Media Composer.

If you’re a film student thinking about becoming a professional editor, then you need to use the tools the pros use.

With Media Composer for Education you get exactly that—but at a student-friendly price.

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Sibelius music notation software is trusted by composers, publishers, educators, and students alike to accelerate music composition and scoring.

If you’re an eligible student or teacher, you can own the world’s best-selling music notation software at special discounted pricing.

Sibelius for Education is identical to Sibelius, but is specially priced for students to help empower the next generation of music composers and publishers.

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