Beauty Work That's Fast, Powerful and Easy

Beauty Box acts as digital makeup in post-production by incorporating state-of-the-art face and skin detection and smoothing algorithms. It takes the edge off of skin and makeup problems that can be visible with HD and 4K video. Realistically apply digital makeup that makes your talent look great, without making them look airbrushed or blurry, making for happy clients and talent.

Beauty Box is fast, powerful and easy:

  • Simple controls make beauty work a fast and painless job
  • Automatic masking. Selecting skin tones has never been this easy
  • GPU acceleration makes for very fast rendering
  • Shine removal and basic color correction are built-in to add the final touch

Video editors and artists no longer have to manually create masks or retouch frame by frame. Beauty Box automatically identifies the skin tones and removes imperfections, while leaving important facial details sharp. It's beautiful, realistic digital makeup. It's used by such companies as Park Road Post Production, NBC, and Universal Music. Beauty Box is a powerful tool for any production that requires people to look their best.

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We always need to make our artists look their best and Beauty Box from Digital Anarchy is the go-to software plug-in for this purpose. It's an enhancer rather than a replacer and it brings out the natural flesh tones and removes unsightly lighting effects without looking air-brushed.

Dave Pollard, Head of Video Production, Universal Music

Beauty Box has been very beneficial to our pipeline, and has helped further improve the quality of the work we can provide and the timeframes we can turn shots around in. The Digital Anarchy support team has been fantastic to work with as we got Beauty Box up and running with Nuke and Linux.

Darwin Go, VFX Supervisor, Park Road Post Production

I recently finished color grading a short comedy film shot on a bunch of Canon 5Ds called The Big O and I used Beauty Box Video ALL over the place. All the main female characters have some level of Beauty Box on all their shots. I also found that since I had the effect on all of my shots, the built in sharpen effect did a very nice job of consistently bringing out eye lights and important detail, which might have been a bit soft after being pushed around so much. This was another neat unintended use of Beauty Box.

Jason Bowdach, CINETIC STUDIOS, Colorist and Online Editor

It’s been a huge help on this project and many other videos they produce. Apparently everyone can use a little digital makeup!

Aaron Brenner, LA Kings

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