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Pro Tools and Media Composer users can take advantage of exclusive savings on the unique and powerful trio of AAX EQ plug-ins that make up the sonible EQ+ collection. For a limited time, buy the individual AAX plug-ins for only $64.50 USD (reg. $129 USD) each or take advantage of unprecedented savings on the complete trio for only $149 USD (reg. $299 USD)—an exclusive deal to thank our Pro Tools and Media Composer users!

Based on the frei;raum audio platform developed in Austria by the audio dream-team at sonible, these three distinct tools will save you countless hours in your demanding post-production work while opening up new creative possibilities. Push the boundaries of the possible with the sonible EQ+ series!

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smart:EQ+—A perfect mix in 30 seconds

The intelligent smart:EQ+ AAX plug-in enhances the detail, clarity, and personality of your audio-track with a tap of the finger. smart:EQ+ is a learning EQ that quickly goes to work for you, performing its post-processing magic in real time.

The linear-phase 8-band EQ operates with lightning speed to analyze your audio material, identify spectral imbalances, and propose fully automatic solutions within seconds. Use it on individual tracks or entire mixes and save tons of time in your post-production work.

Take a quick look at an overview of smart:EQ+, then watch it in action as it finds the perfect spectral balance and delivers an optimal track:


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proximity:EQ+—Effortlessly reposition audio sources in post-production

proximity:EQ+ lets you manipulate direct sound and reverberation to retrospectively shape a room’s acoustics in any way you can imagine. This intuitive tool lets you turn fuzzy recordings into crisp statements, diplomatically retire an overly ambitious singer to the back, or give that muffled bass drum the kick it needs.

Thanks to its ability to separate reverberation and direct sound particles, the proximity:EQ+ plug-in lets you amplify or silence certain parts of your room acoustics and realize your vision of the perfect sound in post-production.

Check out proximity:EQ+ in this overview, then watch as it’s used to remove unwanted resonances and liven up an instrumental track:


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entropy:EQ+—The new dimension of EQ

The entropy:EQ+ enhances the editing process for the impact noise of drums, guitars and other instruments, opening a new creative world in post-production. Freely adjust harmonic and noise elements of your audio across the entire frequency spectrum, bringing muffled snare transients back to life, toning down dominant instrumental solos and making vocals more intelligible. Manipulate your mix with surgical precision.

Learn about entropy:EQ+ in this overview, then watch a tutorial adding more character for drum sounds with proximity:EQ+:


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