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Transform your sound effects library into inspired new sounds

Transformizer Pro is an innovative sound manipulation software plug-in, which makes sounds intelligently adapt to each other, by forcing ‘Child section sounds’ to intimately follow the flow and structure of a ‘Parent section sound’—thus providing users with unique, colorful and creative options in seconds instead of hours.

The technology behind Transformizer Pro is based on advanced analyses of the pitch, amplitude, duration and timbre of a ‘master sound’ and applying these parameters to control an additional set of ‘slave sounds’. Through creative blending of sources and intuitively tweaking of parameters, new sounds will be brought to life in seconds.

The audio manipulation features inside Transformizer Pro make it invaluable for sound designers, musicians, music producers, game VR and AR designers, artists or DJs. It’s an intuitive, innovative and powerful tool that sparks your creativity and brings the fun back into the sound design process.

With Transformizer Pro you get a powerful creative edge, and now for a limited time, Avid Pro Tools customers can take advantage of savings and get Transformizer Pro for only $499 USD (reg. $599 USD).

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I've found a new buddy and it's Transformizer! What a tremendous playground for designing sounds! And cool stuff at every turn. This thing is a lot of fun!

David Farmer, Skywalker Sound

It's rare today to find a plug-in that is genuinely new, that does something you've never seen before. Transformizer is that plug-in. It opens up an entirely new way of manipulating sound.

Tim Nielsen, Skywalker Sound