What is iNEWS?

The Avid iNEWS newsroom computer system (NRCS) provides journalists with all the tools necessary to plan, create, publish, and archive a news broadcast. Scalable from ten to thousands of users working across multiple sites the Avid iNEWS NRCS brings together the newsroom system, editing systems and playout applications in a unified production environment. iNEWS incorporates comprehensive Unicode capabilities, as well as support for iNEWS Command automation-assist including third-party servers and integrated newsroom graphics.

The Program

The tools are made available pursuant to a Software Development Kit License Agreement from Avid and will typically include the relevant code, documentation, and a sample implementation. Licensing of the SDKs is subject to Avid’s approval and discretion.

iNEWS Web Services

INEWS Web Services provide solutions partners with a rich set of functions to interface and exchange data with an iNEWS newsroom system. Key functionality includes:

  • Folder navigation and listing
  • Queue navigation and listing
  • Story creation, editing and deletion
  • Messaging
  • Searching
  • Monitoring queues for changes

iNEWS Active X Support

iNEWS provides MOS support through a dedicated MOS Gateway and also supports the use of ActiveX Controls, which are typically used to provide close integration with controlled devices.   

ActiveX Controls are used to allow direct access to third-party devices from within the newsroom client. A good example of this is Avid DekoSelect. By embedding the DekoSelect ActiveX control within the iNEWS client, users gain direct control over the look and feel of the graphics objects. Once a graphic has been composed to a users satisfaction, all that is needed is to drag the thumbnail into the iNEWS story. It will be saved as a MOS object and sent to the iNEWS Command system for playout when the rundown is made active.    

Other ActiveX implementations include those for third-party graphics and subtitling support. 

How to obtain iNEWS Web Services & MOS/Active X

The iNEWS APIs are available to developers on request. Requests should be made using the web form available by clicking here.