Stage 48

Remote I/O, robust reliability

VENUE Stage 48

Bring I/O versatility to your SC48 console or Mix Rack System with Stage 48, a robust AVB-enabled stage box option that provides a reliable, cost-effective way of adding remote I/O to your setup. With Stage 48 (and its companion Ethernet Snake Card installed in your system), you can eliminate the bulky clutter, inherent noise, and expense of analog multicore snakes, and get superior sound quality wherever you need it.

Key benefits

  • Gain flexibility with SC48 or Mix Rack System by placing the system I/O anywhere in the performance venue
  • Move your existing I/O to Stage 48 for a more cost-effective remote I/O solution
  • Get the best possible sound quality, with the I/O closer to your sources for maximum fidelity
  • Increase reliability and reduce cable clutter with fully redundant Ethernet AVB connectivity
  • Connect a second Stage 48 to SC48 or Mix Rack for more distributed I/O versatility