Real-time HD or SD graphics production software

PostDeko software is graphics design application that is powerful and flexible enough for broadcast, post, or desktop video production. With PostDeko, graphics artists get all the design power they need to create stunning on-air graphic templates and animations at their desktops, and fast transfer to the online Deko system. When it comes time to create real-time graphics for sports, news, and events, PostDeko is a fast, powerful and cost-effective production workstation. PostDeko can create and save sequences, transitions, and Deko motions too.

PostDeko is available as either a standalone application, or as a plug-in for Avid editors. 

Key Benefits

Go-anywhere graphics creation
PostDeko software runs on any Windows PC or laptop, so station graphics production can go where news, sports, or events happen.

Easy operation
Get to air quickly with the familiar and friendly Deko graphical user interface that is equally powerful for live or automated playout. The training process is fast and ensures a skilled and confident staff.

Format flexibility
Make graphics for any video format, including NTSC, PAL, 4x3, and 16x9, as well as all HDTV standards, 1080i and 720p, or user-definable custom resolutions. PostDeko integrates with any Deko system, and provides titling functionality for Avid production servers and editing systems.

Brand assurance
Deko tools are incorporated into PostDeko to allow visual image and style to be defined once and then used throughout the production and delivery process. Avoid errors and broadcast a consistent visual look.

Complete offline production -standalone or editor plug-in
PostDeko graphics, including 2D and 3D charts and graphs, effects and even integrated video clips can be created offline and on the go, eliminating the bottleneck to the online Deko system and ensuring optimum creativity and efficiency. Deko on-air graphics can also be transferred to Avid editors or integrated as a plugin for greater consistency between on-air and pre- or post-production.