WG 201 Avid Interplay for Editors


Suggested length: 1 day (two 4 hour sessions)


During this 4-hour course, students gain essential knowledge about interacting with the Avid Interplay workgroup environment through the editing application. This course is designed for new or experienced editors using an Avid storage solution with NewsCutter or Media Composer and the Avid Interplay non-linear workflow engine. Students will also be shown the other Interplay applications which may be part of the workflow where applicable. This course is repeated twice a day to accommodate more students.


This course is designed for Interplay users who use Media Composer or NewsCutter.  This includes:

  • Editors
  • photographers
  • reporters
  • producers
  • video systems managers


  • To be successful in this course, students should have prior experience with Media Composer or NewsCutter.


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Connect to a workgroup and shared storage.
  • Project creation and important Interplay related editor settings
  • Use the Interplay window  
  • Using remote assets and checking in and out of Interplay.
  • Perform clip management and searching 
  • Use multiple resolutions and understand Dynamic Relink options. 
  • Target resolutions for playback and workgroups I would name this - Sending to Playback servers and output options. 
  • Avid Media Access (AMA) and Capturing options. 
  • Overview of Interplay Access options. 
  • Items directly related to customers workflow.