Register a Product

If you have purchased a new system or an upgrade, use this link to Register your Avid product
Click here to register >

Update Your Existing Dongle

For customers with physical dongles who have purchased upgrades for Media Composer, or NewsCutter, you can redeem your upgrade Activation ID for a dongle updater .avd file. Click here for Dongle redemption >

Media Composer Academic Upgrades for Students

If you are a student who has purchased and registered Media Composer Academic, you are entitled to 4 years of upgrades. Click here to receive your upgrade Activation ID >

Get Purchase Protection

If you purchased your copy of Media Composer 6.5, NewsCutter 10.5 or Symphony 6.5 between April 7th, 2013 and June 27th, 2013 and registered and activated the software, you are entitled to a no-charge upgrade to Media Composer 7.0, NewsCutter 11.0, or Media Composer 7.0 with Symphony Option. Click here to log into your Avid Account and receive your no charge upgrade >

Have an ExpertPlus or Elite Avid Advantage Support Plan?

Customers with ExpertPlus or Elite Avid Advantage Support Plans are entitled to software upgrades.
Click here to download your Versioner update file >

Academic Volume License Avid Advantage Plan Customers

If you are an academic institution with a volume license server covered by a valid ExpertPlus or Elite Avid Advantage plan, you are entitled to a no charge upgrade.

Click here to claim your upgrade license >