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Communicate more effectively, operate more efficiently

In today's rapidly evolving and highly connected world,it's important for government agencies to communicate more effectively and operate more efficiently. For over 25 years, Avid has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to government, and our team of experts is 100% dedicated to helping you leverage innovative technology to meet your unique needs and challenges.

Through our Avid Everywhere vision, we enable government agencies to communicate in more collaborative, powerful, and efficient ways. By using Avid's industry-standard workflows, agencies can create content faster than ever, efficiently manage a multitude of video and audio assets, and easily distribute content around the globe.

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+-Transform the way you communicate and connect with communities

People around the world are consuming more media than ever, with a wide variety of voices and channels competing for their attention. That’s why it's more important than ever for governments to communicate through engaging, high-quality media that cuts through the static.

And although agency budgets are often a fraction of Hollywood film budgets, it's critical for the media being produced to have the same production value and impact. With Avid's industry-leading solutions, you don't need a big budget to create exciting content with a high production value.

The Avid Artist Suite provides agencies with the same tools and technology relied on by top media professionals around the world, so they can produce high-quality media to engage communities and make sure their message is heard.

Here are some of the integrated solutions that Avid offers government agencies:

Avid video post-production solutions

From powerful and creative video capture and offline editing tools, to high-performance online finishing and graphics systems, Avid video post-production solutions simplify non-creative tasks, so your agency's media department can focus on creative decisions and produce more engaging media.

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Avid video editing solutions

Avid video editing solutions are the industry standard and are used in major post-production facilities to create high-quality media. Featuring advanced workflows that allow editors to maximize their creative time, Avid solutions enable agencies to produce content with the same quality as commercial productions.

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Avid audio post-production solutions

Top audio professionals around the world trust Avid's industry-leading audio post-production and mixing solutions. By harnessing Avid's cutting-edge workflows built around Pro Tools, your media production team can create and deliver higher-quality audio and manage complex sessions with more efficiency.

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Avid news production solutions

Avid offers a full complement of industry-standard news solutions, including newsroom management, collaborative production, field workflows, and more. Agencies can produce the kind of high-quality media that engages audiences in today's media environment.

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The Avid Customer Association

The Avid Customer Association (ACA) is a comprehensive initiative designed to help lead the media industry forward. Run by and for the media community, the ACA provides essential strategic leadership, collaboration with industry leaders and visionaries, and a forum to address the most important issues facing the media industry—including the needs of government customers.

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+-Align people, motivate teams, and improve performance through enhanced collaboration

To get things done, government personnel need to work together fluidly across multiple agencies, departments, and geographies. Avid offers integrated, end-to-end creative tools, media management, and shared storage solutions all built on the common Avid MediaCentral Platform, so you can enhance collaboration and optimize every aspect of your media production.

Avid MediaCentral Platform
The new Avid MediaCentral Platform is an open, extensible, and customizable foundation on which the entire Avid product suite is built, enabling agencies to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and improve accessibility to team members everywhere. Plus, the platform provides the utmost security and protection to safeguard your content and assets.

Avid media management solutions

In order to manage and protect an exponentially increasing amount of media assets, agencies need to leverage cutting-edge media management solutions. Avid's industry-leading Interplay | MAM (media asset management) features intuitive, timesaving workflows, enabling agencies to archive, access, and protect their media more efficiently.

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+-Leverage cutting-edge solutions to maximize operational efficiency

In the face of rising public demand for capable and transparent government, it's important for agencies to harness industry-leading technology to increase efficiency. Avid's open and integrated solutions enable agencies to operate more effectively and reduce operational costs.

Plus, by investing in Avid, you get complete, end-to-end workflows from one specialized vendor, which greatly reduces complexity. We know how the government purchasing process works, and we'll help you every step of the way.

+-Get reliable, rock-solid performance in any environment

From natural disasters to combat zones, governments require solutions that enable them to communicate effectively across a broad spectrum of channels under dire circumstances. Avid solutions are the most reliable and secure in the industry, delivering rock-solid performance—even in the world's most demanding environments.

As the industry's most proven and trusted provider of media technology, Avid solutions provide reliable, uncompromised security, so you can be certain your information is safe and protected.

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