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The core of sports-based media production

In today’s sports world, winning involves more than just the game. In order to build and grow a successful brand, sports organizations need to protect and optimize the value of their media assets, streamline their production and distribution processes, and create an engaging experience that energizes fans.

Guided by our Avid Everywhere vision, we provide sports organizations with tightly integrated, high-performance solutions built upon the Avid MediaCentral Platform—the industry’s most open and extensible foundation. From media editing and management to delivery, Avid MediaCentral enables you to streamline your entire media workflow—from creation to monetization—with greater flexibility. Plus, the platform provides the utmost security and protection to safeguard your content and assets.

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+-Maximize the value of your team's media assets

Media is one of the most valuable assets for sports teams. The Avid Interplay | Production Facility Package makes it easy to create, find, archive, and monetize content—without compromising creativity, speed, or flexibility.

The Interplay | Production Facility Package includes Interplay | Production, Media Composer, and ISIS shared storage—plus professional installation services and support by a dedicated team with years of experience and expertise in ensuring the success of sports customers worldwide.

Archive and find media assets with ease using Interplay | Production

Archived video clips, games, and highlight reels are valuable when creating content to engage fans, generate advertising revenue, and build your brand. With Interplay | Production, editors, producers, and assistants everywhere in the world can find, arrange, edit, review, and annotate the most exciting plays and game-winning clips—faster than ever before. What used to take hours, now takes minutes.

Collaborate in real time with Media Composer

It used to be nearly impossible for production teams to get creative with content produced in real time during games. Now with Media Composer, the most trusted high-performance video editing software in the industry, and Artist | DNxIO, a high-performance video interface that accelerates HD and high-res workflows, your organization can produce inspiring content on the fly and focus on telling a great story.

And with the Media Composer subscription and floating license offerings, you can scale your workgroup as needed—even at a moment’s notice. Simply add additional Media Composer seats on a month-to-month basis when production demands extra editors. You’ll always have the flexibility and choice you need to best address your project requirements.

Get superior flexibility with ISIS shared storage

ISIS shared storage systems provide unparalleled flexibility to handle today’s massive increase in digital assets. By enabling everyone on your team to access content at the same time, you can connect media professionals in distributed and complex workflow environments using a single integrated platform. And ISIS makes it easy to expand the system while sustaining real-time performance, so you can scale your system to accommodate project changes quickly and efficiently.

+-Keep up the pace with a streamlined workflow

When big plays and events happen, fans want to see replays at every angle on the scoreboard and watch the most exciting moments online as soon as they occur. To help speed up your workflow and provide access to media and services across your organization, Interplay, ISIS, Media Composer, and other Avid products run on the new Avid MediaCentral Platform—the foundation of our Avid Everywhere vision.

This open, extensible, and customizable platform is at the foundation of all Avid products, enabling Avid and third-party solutions to tightly integrate with each other. Not only does it streamline your entire workflow—from media creation to monetization—the platform provides greater efficiency and flexibility over pieced together solutions. Plus, it provides the utmost security and protection at its core to safeguard your content and assets.

+-Motivate and inspire fans with high-impact content

To build your brand in the sports market, you need to create engaging and entertaining content that fans will remember. The Avid Artist Suite and Studio Suite include the most widely used creative tools in the industry, enabling sports organizations to create high-impact content that motivates and inspires fans.

Deliver stunning game-day audio with Avid live sound solutions

As the scope, size, and complexity of in-stadium live events continue to expand, sports organizations need solutions that enable them to capture, mix, and play back live audio quickly and efficiently.

Avid’s proven and trusted live sound solutions contain the most fault-tolerant architecture of any live system, so you can be confident your system will deliver on game day. The industry’s most modular, scalable, and networkable live systems provide the unmatched power, sound quality, reliability, and flexibility you need to handle any event—from sporting events to press conferences and live music performances.

Engage viewers with sports enhancement

The sheer volume of sports shows and programming available has drawn studios and networks into a competitive battle for eyeballs. How can you win the ratings game and make your brand stand out?

Avid offers a variety of Sports Enhancement tools that can help you up your game and grow your audience. Create captivating sports highlight clips to better illustrate critical plays, game flow, and post-game analysis. And display on-field graphics to highlight plays, statistics, and more.

+-Quickly produce inspiring content—from everywhere

Avid’s industry-leading video and media management solutions provide the workflows you need to enhance collaboration and produce inspiring content—no matter where you are in the world.

Edit globally using Media Composer | Cloud

With Media Composer | Cloud, you can extend real-time production everywhere, enabling remote editors and videographers to ingest, edit, and move media fluidly between locations. Safely store your media assets at the main facility, while your remote editing team creates video content from away games or training sites—anywhere in the world.

Manage and maximize the value of your media

In order to manage an exponentially increasing amount of media assets and optimize their value, sports organizations need to leverage cutting-edge media management solutions. Avid’s industry-leading Interplay | MAM (media asset management) solution features intuitive, timesaving workflows, which enable broadcasters to:

  • Streamline media lifecycle management from acquisition to delivery
  • Grow top line revenues, market share, and brand
  • Reduce time to market and increase audience share
  • Rapidly respond to competitive threats and new opportunities
  • Derive more revenue from owned or licensed assets
+-Deliver content across multiple platforms

Fans are enjoying media on more screens and devices than ever before, so it’s important for sports organizations to find new ways to distribute finished content across multiple platforms. By connecting Media | Distribute to your platform, you can automate and streamline publication to the web, mobile devices, and social channels, making multiplatform distribution faster and more intuitive than ever.

Ensure broadcast success with AirSpeed

Building on a legacy of innovative workflow-enabling servers, AirSpeed adds cost-efficient play-to-air capability, slow motion playback, and support for third-party editing systems. Peerless Avid workflow integration, open design, and codec agility provide the incredible ease, speed, and flexibility essential for long-term broadcast success.

+-Partner with a global community of professionals
The Avid Customer Association (ACA) is a comprehensive initiative designed to help lead the media industry forward. Run by and for the media community, the ACA provides essential strategic leadership, collaboration with industry leaders and visionaries, and a forum to address the most important issues facing the media industry—including the needs of sports organizations.

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