Chris Beck, James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer Score with Avid

Award winning film composers all opt for Euphonix System 5 Digital Audio Mixing System

Avid announced today that three of Hollywood's most high-profile film composers have selected Avid for their studios. Award-winning composers Chris Beck and James Newton Howard have recently installed System 5's, while Hans Zimmer expanded and upgraded both of his System 5 studios.

Beck, who has won an Emmy award for scoring television and is more notably known for scoring popular films, such as Pink Panther and Under the Tuscan Sun, has installed a 136 channel Euphonix System 5 in his Santa Monica, California studio. The System 5 is a high performance digital audio mixing system specifically designed for music and audio post-production applications. Beck is currently working on Pink Panther 2 on th Euphonix.

In addition to the Beck installation, Oscar-nominated composer as well as long time Avid client and James Newton Howard recently upgraded his Santa Monica studio to a four core, 310 channel System 5. The prolific composer who has an extensive and rich list of Oscar ™ nominated film credits including The Prince of Tides, The Fugitive and The Village has been a longtime Euphonix user. Newton Howard, who was nominated again this year for an Academy Award for his work on Michael Clayton, bought his first System, a CS3000 back in 1997.

Finally prolific Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer has extensively upgraded his two System 5 consoles. Zimmer expanded the each console channel count to 322 channels by adding additional DSP Cores and control hardware. He also upgraded to V3.03 Emix software and updated both control surfaces to the latest 408T touch knob technology as well as adding high-resolution screens and high-speed control processors in both rooms of his Santa Monica-based music studio, Remote Control Productions. Zimmer also opted for the new EuCon Hybrid Option to extend the control capabilities of his console beyond the dedicated DSP Cores in order to bring DAW tracks onto the console surface for mixing.

"With this significant upgrade, Hans is now able to control Pro Tools directly from the console work surface enabling him to operate more efficiently and increase his production output," concluded Franklin.