Chris Cox - A Musician Devoted to His Craft

Remixer, Producer, DJ, Musician, Mix Engineer
Los Angeles, CA USA

Chris Cox’s focus has always been his music. ''I’ve devoted so much of my life to it. My time, my money, my health, my social life and relationships, for the love of music and the love of the crowd and the love of what I do.” That’s why it’s no surprise that the producer, remixer, solo artist, international DJ and label owner has reached the level of  success that he now enjoys. Chris has achieved a staggering 43 #1 Billboard Dance Club Hits for his remix work, a #1 Billboard Electronic Album for producing and remixing of the Hannah Montana album Hannah Montana 2 Non-Stop Dance Party, a Grammy-nomination in 2004 for producing superstar Cher, and a two-time winner of Remixer Of The Year at the International Dance Music Awards.

More Music, Less Mouse

The Artist Control and Artist Mix have become the center of my studio, replacing the need for my console. I have a workstation controlled by two Artist Series controllers (along with my computer keyboard and mouse) and they are utilized in every aspect of production: automation, fader moves, editing, plug-in tweaking, and instrument sound design.

They have completely changed the way I work and I have been able to mix more organically than I have in years. With these controllers I am able to use multiple fingers on the faders and knobs, which brings back a sense of musicality that mixing with a mouse and a keyboard was missing. Mixing with a mouse and keyboard feels more like a data-entry desk job than making music, not to mention I was getting severe Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendonitis from living on the mouse. The Artist Series controllers have taken a lot of the physical pain away from long sessions and made everything more creative and enjoyable.

Working At A New Level

The Artists’s have completely increased my productivity, sped up my workflow, and undoubtedly raised my game to a new level.  I have not felt connected to the process like this since working on analog boards. Every other controller that I've tried felt like a little plastic toy with cheap faders that could never generate accuracy. The faders and knobs on the Artists’s feel absolutely professional. It feels like you are mixing on a large, high-end console! The channel strip text changes depending on what operation is selected on the computer, and that is wonderful because you can see the settings of many things at once without looking at the monitor.

The Key Is Consistency

I love the EuCon control protocol because of its high resolution, it’s so much better than MIDI and most importantly, it speaks with whatever application I am using! With most controllers you have to do tons of configuration just to be able to do anything within an application, only to have the process repeated if you use more than one application. I use multiple DAWs and now can have a consistent way of working no matter what program I am using!

Only Minutes to Set Up

I was amazed at how simple they were to learn and use. I could instantly access every parameter in my sequencer. I needed to learn a few new things here and there, but it was all pretty logical. The basic mix stuff I was doing within minutes of setup. The Artist allows you to go much deeper and customize whatever you’d like. It can be simple if you prefer, but you can get REALLY tweaky and techy if that’s your thing.

Get With the Program

The Artist Series works with ANY program, so it’s kinda fun to drive things like Safari and iChat all through the touch screen. Zooming with the Jog wheel RULES! It's also fun to have a soft synth up, hit flip, and program sounds using faders instead of knobs. Makes it feel like another kind of synth programming.