Cris Blyth

Director/VFX Supervisor, Co-owner MonkeyChi Studios
Los Angeles, CA USA

Digital Renaissance Man

Cris Blyth is a director and VFX Supervisor for his own company, MonkeyChi Studios.  With an extensive background in visual effects, animation, and live action direction, combined with the knowledge to harness a digital workflow that is needed in today’s changing marketplace, Cris brings together a unique hybrid of expertise and artistry.

Shooting many of his spots on his own RED camera, Cris provides editorial, VFX, animation, and color correction through to final mix.  He is seen as one of the industry’s up and coming directors leading the way in digital technology and integrated production.

Cris and his production partner, Tilo Ponder, created the nonprofit organization, GoodMakers Films.  By producing documentary films for nonprofit organizations, GoodMakers helps charities visually communicate their message around the world.

A New Way to Save Time

I was amazed at how much time I could save using the Artist Color control surface. This time saving is only possible due to the fact that, on the Artist Color, you can use both hands simultaneously. This gives you a level of control and speed that is simply not possible when using a mouse alone. For instance, the Artist Color allowed me to complete a project in two and half hours that would normally have taken six. It's really an incredible timesaver.

A Superb Color Combo

There is cohesion between Apple Color and Artist Color that is just a great combination of hardware and software that comes together and behaves as one. It gives you a streamlined workflow and lets you achieve far quicker and better results than previously possible.

Makes Juggling Easy

In my VFX work for film and commercials, I need to consistently come up with new fresh ideas and visual effects in a timely fashion that fit into the given budget. It's quite a juggling act. The Artist Color certainly enhances my workflow and speeds up the process, which helps me achieve these goals.