Derek VanderHorst

Sound Supervisor, Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer
California USA

Building Soundscapes with Artist Control and Artist Mix

Derek VanderHorst has over 70 movies to his credit using a combination of Nuendo and Pro Tools to design and edit sound for major feature films.

Mixing Solution with Artist Mix Controlling Pro Tools and Nuendo

I work in both Pro Tools and Nuendo running my Pro Tools digital thru my RME ADI-8 which allows me to use and switch between both of these applications. As Nuendo has become much more important to my workflow, I was looking for a mixer solution. I had been reading reviews on the Artist Mix, and the day it shipped, I ran down to my local vendor to secure mine. With the first release of the EuCon Protocol I was amazed how seamlessly it switched between all of my applications.

The most amazing feature was that, in both Pro Tools and Nuendo, the console faders followed the track I was working on. This is the first time that a console is smart enough to follow your tracks, and something that for years we have been asking for. This feature doesn’t even appear in consoles from other DAW manufactures costing around 100k. I was sold instantly and called my vendor to receive the Artist Control the day it shipped as well. And the learning curve is about 5 minutes― my decision was based on it working over multiple platforms even before I knew how incredibly advanced the system is.

Artist Series and Workflow

I have become so addicted to my Artist Control that I bought a little case to carry it in and drag it back and forth from my home studio to my editing suite to the stage. I am down doing temp dubs on the Artist Control and Mix that not long ago I needed a full desk, and the best part is that all my automation is saved in the DAW and progresses from the first temp to the final. The new work flow seems to be moving in this direction which gives us a lot more time in the Pre-Dubs to be creative and make our films sound that much better.

Editing with the Help of Artist Control

Years ago I edited on the Fairlight, and have been missing that editing style ever since. The Artist Control has given it all back to me. I’m able to slip audio with the wheel, trim my in and out times with the wheel, adjust my fade lengths all of these greatly increase the speed and efficiency of how I edit.  I love having my plug-in controls on a surface and the Euphonix design is very elegant. The addition of a programmable touch-screen is amazing. I am able to program all my most used functions and have a page dedicated for those.  Having used most controllers and consoles, this is by far the most progressive, intuitive, and programmable surface I have ever used. Even the HUI protocol is far more advanced than any HUI controller that has ever been built, and every day I’m figuring out great new features and ways of using the Artist series in my workflow.