Digimage Cinema Installs Multiple Avid Film Mixing Consoles

French media group CMC-Digimage has installed four System 5 digital audio mixing consoles in a newly opened TV-Film Post Production facility located in the South of Paris in Montrouge. A division of CMC, Digimage Cinema will offer high-end HD as well as the largest Color Grading room in Europe.

The new facility consists of two large stages each equipped with 56-fader Euphonix System 5 consoles dedicated to feature film mixing and two smaller stages each equipped with 32-fader System 5 consoles to be used for TV projects and feature film pre-mixes. All four systems include the Euphonix EuCon Hybrid option which allows the System 5 to control multiple external DAWs via the high-speed EuCon Ethernet control protocol. EuCon Hybrid means that Pro Tools DAW tracks, for example, can be placed on the surface and controlled from the faders next to faders controlling the console’s own DSP channels.

Serge Arthus, Director of this project for Digimage Cinema designed the facility’s specifications, while systems integrator, 44.1, delivered a complete turnkey installation. Identical A/V equipment and cabling as well as a network of workstations including Pro Tools, Pyramix, and VCube and the four Hybrid consoles allow projects to be easy moved between rooms.

“The majority of French film mixers enjoy working on the System 5, finding the control surface and automation extremely intuitive and easy-to-use, so it just made sense to equip the new facility with four System 5’s,” explained Arthus. “And from a business point of view, I find the reliability of the system and the level of customer support unrivaled.”

The System 5 has become the industry standard for the French feature film mixing community. As an all-in-one packaged audio mixing system the System 5 is designed to meet the needs and budgets of modern mixing facilities that require a professional mixing console that can handle a large number of tracks with the quality and reliability of DSP channels, professional monitoring, plus the ability to control DAW tracks directly from the console surface.