The Verdict is In: Eleven Rack Rocks

Guitarists sound off on the revolutionary guitar recording and effects system

 “Oh dude, this is gonna kill…”
—David Torn (guitarist; David Bowie, John Legend)

Anticipation was sky-high when we first launched Eleven Rack. And now, the verdict is in—after some serious real-world trials, the revolutionary guitar recording and effects system has totally changed the game for A-list musicians of all kinds. From metal-heads, to country guitarists, to grunge rock producers, everyone is celebrating Eleven Rack for its ease of use, tremendous sound, and ultra-realistic feel. But don't take our word for it…

Easy does it

Bendon SmallWhether on stage or in the studio, everyone wants technology that’s intuitive and blends into the creative flow. The inventive Brendon Small—co-producer, co-writer, and composer of the Adult Swim series Metalocalypse, and guitarist for the show’s fictitious metal band, Dethklok—wears so many hats he can’t afford a moment of downtime. Eleven Rack fits the bill perfectly. "It has exactly what you want it to have,” Small explains. “It's easy to use, and for me that's everything. The tone is great and the amps it's trying to sound like sound like the amps it's trying to sound like."

John JorgensonEase is also key for guitarist John Jorgenson. The three-time Academy of Country Music “Guitarist of the Year” has toured and recorded with Elton John, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Emmylou Harris, and many more. "Eleven Rack is easy to program and sounds fantastic,” he says. “The convenience of being able to store the program settings along with the audio is amazing.”


Even better than the real thing

 “This is going to change everything…”
—James Michael (producer, engineer, songwriter; Mötley Crüe, Meatloaf)

Convenience wouldn’t mean much if Eleven Rack didn’t sound and feel great. Seasoned players agree that the Eleven Rack emulations are dead-on. And the feel? No other amp emulator even comes close. “Probably the most impressive thing about [Eleven Rack] is that it really feels like you're playing through an amp with all of the reactive qualities that come along with that,” says Jorgenson. “I'm not sure how the designers achieved that, but big kudos to them!"

Brent MasonOther country music heavyweights echo Jorgenson’s enthusiasm. Known for playing with George Straitt, Alan Jackson, and Shania Twain, 12-time Academy of Country Music “Guitarist of the Year” Brent Mason swears, "If I had my eyes closed I wouldn't be able to tell if I was playing through one of my vintage amps or the Eleven Rack. It's the best amp modeler I've heard yet."

Buddy MillerCountry singer, songwriter, producer, and many-time American Music Award-winner Buddy Miller is equally impressed and inspired by the realism of Eleven Rack. "The greatest thing about it is that it sounds and feels right. It makes you want to play, and that's a good thing.”



Jade Puget

Coming from the alt-rock angle, guitarist Jade Puget (AFI) got into Eleven Rack by starting with the familiar. "I was excited just to hear that first setting with the Plexi,” he says. “It's something I'm used to and a sound that I know, and it's totally faithful to that sound.” Puget anticipates putting Eleven Rack to broad use: “This will give me so much more flexibility.”


Mark MortonBeyond meandering country melodies and AFI’s punk-inspired riffs, Eleven Rack is also at home in the aggressive world of modern metal. "Eleven Rack is far and away the most realistic and accurate amp modeler I have played,” says guitarist Mark Morton of the Grammy-nominated metal band Lamb of God. “The possibilities are endless and the tones are absolutely pro."

Star of the studio

Butch VigMulti-platinum producer and musician Butch Vig (Garbage, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins) quickly discovered what a versatile studio tool Eleven Rack can be. “The ability to use Eleven Rack as an LE interface and its seamless integration into Pro Tools  makes it a very useful addition to any studio,” he explains. “Besides being a great-sounding guitar amp modeler, you can find a multitude of other uses for it, whether re-amping or as an editing/comping/overdubbing/video satellite Pro Tools station."

James MichaelAfter experiencing Eleven Rack, multi-platinum producer, engineer, and songwriter James Michael (Mötley Crüe, Meatloaf, Scorpions) has vowed to switch up his recording setup. “You'll never see me in another session with racks and racks of amps,” he says. “[Eleven Rack is] incredible. This is what I'll use making records now."


Now that you’ve heard from the pros, go experience Eleven Rack for yourself at your local reseller. Still need more convincing? Read on and see what the top music magazines and other A-list aficionados are saying about Eleven Rack.