Fig Tree Studios Installs Spain’s First Avid S5 Fusion

Fig Tree Studios is an audio post-production house located in Barcelona, Spain, whose primary focus is mixing audio for film in the Spanish film industry. The studio adopted the name “Fig Tree” from a term American filmmakers use when dubbing foreign versions of their films for the European market—French-Italian-German-Spanish—or “FIGS”. Fig Tree recently installed an Avid S5-Fusion in their newly opened post-production facility in Barcelona—the first of its kind in Spain.

“There are two distinct markets in Spain: the first, and largest, is the distribution market of mainly American films which need to be dubbed and mixed into Spanish,” explains Andrew Galletly, owner of Fig Tree Studios. “The other is the local production market for just mixing. I sensed that the local producers would welcome a studio which cared for their productions and would not push them out of the room when Disney knocked at the door with their next mega 3D flick!

“With the S5 Fusion as the cornerstone of my studio, I can offer local producers more of a boutique, made-to-measure solution. The idea is that I'm going to offer the studio in a dry hire situation where the client can bring along his mixer of preference.”

 With the S5 Fusion as the cornerstone of my studio I can offer local producers more of a boutique, made-to-measure solution.
Andrew Galletly,
owner, Fig Tree Studios

The S5 Fusion is an all-in-one digital audio mixing package that provides a fusion of Avid's new processing DSP SuperCore engine with EuCon Hybrid, a technology that allows the console surface to control its own DSP channels as well as channels from multiple external DAWs simultaneously. The system is designed to handle HD surround audio post and music applications. The new SP663 DSP cards increase the channel count to over 100 channels at 48 kHz and the system can also be run at 96 kHz with 50% fewer channels.

“We have just completed our first project, a movie entitled Lastrain. Our next project is the 5.1 mix of a film called Estigmas which won this year’s prize for best new director at the Valladolid Film Festival,” explained Galletly. “So far we have only worked with one mixer, who was very impressed with the console, but as the first S5 Fusion in Spain, I expect word of mouth to make its effect pretty soon.”

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