Johnson Space Center

Leading Audio Console Being Installed at NASA's Johnson Space Center

July 28th 2004

Going up? The System 5 all-digital audio console will be. Broadcasting major shows on Earth like the royal wedding of the century in Spain, the New Zealand Golf Open and the Australian Tennis Open isn't enough, Avid has a new mission in front of it - outer space.

NASA's Johnson Space Center will be installing a System 5 audio mixing console at the end of the month. The decision to purchase the Avid all-digital audio console came after an onsite station demo. The 64 fader console with 130 channels of processing will be used in the Houston Audio Control Room at JSC to transmit audio between all NASA centers around the country, partner space agencies around the world, the International Space Station orbiting the Earth and the Space Shuttle upon its Return to Flight mission planned for next year.

Examples of projects that the System 5 will be used for include 24-hour coverage of Space Shuttle missions, press conferences, in-house productions, live media interviews with the Space Shuttle and International Space Station and live interactive events from Russia and other partner countries. Also, the System 5 will serve as primary backup equipment to the Space Shuttle Air-to-Ground system during Space Shuttle flights.

Avid is a world leader in providing reliable, fault-tolerant consoles to broadcast facilities around the world. Avid's focus on world-class customer service and after sale support is critical to the successful transition to digital. System 5-B is the most advanced digital broadcast mixing system available. It is designed for audio professionals who demand the best.