Sweden's Europa Sound Adds System 5-MCs and Completes Post-Production of Crusade

EuCon High-Speed Ethernet Protocol Integrates Pro Tools and Nuendo Workflows in System 5

Avid announced that Europa Sound Production AB has installed a new 32-fader System 5-MC digital mixing console to control Pro Tools and Nuendo digital audio workstations (DAWs). Europa Sound, the well-respected film-dubbing studio and one of Sweden's leading audio post houses, is currently mixing the new five-language film "Arn - The Knight Templar." Based on Jan Guillou's best-selling book series, the Crusades epic is the largest and most ambitious film project ever undertaken in Scandinavia. Thanks to EuCon, Euphonix's high-speed Ethernet protocol featured in the System 5-MC, the film's re-recording mixer Gabor Pasztor and his team are bringing hundreds of tracks from multiple DAWs directly onto the Euphonix console surface for mixing. The resounding result will include a Dolby Digital and DTS master for the film's worldwide release in 2008.

Europa Sound just moved to a new 8,600-square-foot facility and completed the installation in April 2007. Europa's console is built into a custom-designed 12-foot frame with two producer desks where editors can assist and control the various playback DAWs. Europa Sound also selected a second MC media application controller for TV and DVD production.

"We chose Avid systems because the company offers a unique solution that enables us to work with multiple DAWs and applications from various manufacturers. Being able to control them all at the same time is of vital importance in major productions, and only Avid can make it happen," Erik Guldager, Europa Sound's technical manager, said. "Technology for technology's sake is meaningless if it doesn't improve on the art of mixing. The EuCon technology effectively minimizes the hassles of DAW control while maximizing the integration among Pro Tools, Nuendo and Euphonix. It seems as if there's little EuCon can't do."

Europa Sound employs both Digidesign's Pro Tools and Steinberg's Nuendo in its re-recording stage and editing rooms. With the System 5-MC, the studio's clients can easily bring projects between the re-recording stage and workstations while keeping all automation intact from the first temp mix to the final mix.

"With ever-changing picture updates now being the norm during editing and mixing, the System 5-MC simplifies life enormously," Guldager said.