VENUE Delivers Perfect Sound for Mexico’s Auditorio Nacional

With a history that reaches back to the middle of the last century, Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City has established itself as one of the most important entertainment venues in Latin America. With a capacity of nearly 10,000 people, the center has hosted countless music artists and bands of all genres, in addition to dance performances, premieres, film screenings, lectures, exhibitions, and other events. The team behind the scenes at the historic facility strives to deliver perfect shows night after night, and recently upgraded to an Avid VENUE D-Show system.

As the production manager of Auditorio Nacional, Mark Giancola knows what’s required to get the best sound for each event. In fact, he’s the one responsible for selecting the equipment for this purpose. When faced with acquiring a new console, he carefully explored all of the options. Because the events at the Auditorio are a great challenge, with multiple bands and/or performers nightly, he ultimately decided on the VENUE D-Show System.

“We chose VENUE due to price and ease of operation for the Auditorio, knowing that we have 240 shows a year,” says Giancola, “with some of them featuring up to 13 or 14 bands on the same night. Eighty percent of the events held at the Auditorio are national productions, so it was important that VENUE be well known in Mexico, very accessible, and—above all—easy to use and friendly for sound engineers. It was a long decision process, but I´m convinced that it was the best option for us. Auditorio Nacional works with both renowned audio engineers as well as young professionals, so we needed something that everyone can use.”

With a long history in the live sound industry, Giancola has witnessed first hand how technology has made great leaps in audio. “When digital technologies arrived,” he recalls, “we focussed much of our attention on new equipment. Years ago, shows came through with racks of equipment and more than one console—all outboard. Now everything is inside. The sound quality is much improved and I’ve watched this happen and how it has improved. This period is very interesting and I have not stopped learning.”

With a system that delivers exceptional sound, flexibility, and ease of use, Giancola is looking forward to the future. But he isn’t the only one pleased with the changes. “The feedback that we’ve received about the system has been really good, and the service that Avid has given us is excellent,” he concludes.