Avid Green Initiatives

Avid is making significant progress in our efforts to become a more environmentally responsible company. We’re implementing more than 20 green initiatives focused on important issues such as product design, packaging, IT technologies, and employee, facilities and supply chain management. 

Take a look at our some of our objectives and progress against these goals.

Printed Materials
Goal: To reduce the amount of product-related printed materials by 80%.

Printed Materials

Status: By offering a Print on Demand service and removing much of the documentation from our packaging, Avid has eliminated a significant portion of our printed materials for our leading products such as Interplay, Pro Tools, Media Composer, NewsCutter and Symphony. For Media Composer, in conjunction with our new packaging design, Avid has removed almost 1500 pages, for ProTools over 1100 pages, plus almost another 1000 pages of Interplay documentation. For Media Composer alone, this simple change will result in a savings of over 200 metric tons of carbon per year–not to mention the positive impact of saving over 500 trees. This simple change has not only greatly reduced the impact of our products on the environment, by reducing the weight of these products (30% less for ProTools and 85% less for Media Composer), the change has also greatly reduced the overall fuel consumption for WW shipment of these high volume products.
Avid will also be reducing the amount of printed documentation in our Deko On Air Graphics products, eliminating an additional 1.5 metric tons of CO2 from the environment.

Recyclable Packaging

Recycle Package

Goal: Utilize 90% recyclable packaging for lightweight products and 70% recyclable packaging for heavyweight products.

Status: Avid has established a new worldwide specification that will greatly reduce the environmental impact of our packaging by setting requirements for the percentage of green materials we utilize. This new specification has become a standard part of the packaging design process, driving the use of recycleable cardboard in place of existing non-recyclable components.  Look for these packaging redesigns in existing and upcoming product releases.

Corporate Travel
Goal: Reduce carbon footprint for corporate travel.

Corporate Travel

Corporate travel has a significant impact on our environment, producing thousands of tons of CO2 from rental cars, cabs to the airport, and air travel.  In 2010, Avid travelers Worldwide were able to reduce their overall carbon footprint by 30% as compared to 2009, a reduction of over 280 thousand pounds of CO2.   

IT Consolidation
Goal: Reduce our Corporate IT green footprint

Corporate Travel

The relocation of our corporate offices to Burlington, MA in mid-2010 provided us with the ability to successfully reduce our corporate data center footprint by more than 20%, which relates to the equivalent of an annual savings of 81 metric tons* of Carbon. This was partly achieved by deploying almost 50% of our application servers as virtual servers.
In addition, we have achieved a 50% reduction in the number of printers, resulting in an associated 45% savings on paper, and additional savings on ink, and print cartridges. 

*Source: APC Data Center Carbon Calculator

Flexible Work Arrangements
Goal: Reduce the number of commuting miles of our employees

The existing Avid Flexible Work Arrangement policy provided our employees the opportunity to reduce their on-site work days by working either extended days or working from home.  By increasing employee participation in their Flexible Work Arrangement program (FWA) in 2010, US employees participating in Avid's Flexible Work Arrangement Program were able to reduce their overall miles travelled by more than 150,000 miles, saving over 21,000 gallons of fuel on an annual basis By continuing our FWA program, Avid and their employees will save over 400 metric tons of Green House Gases (GHG) each year from reduced commuting. Flexible Work Arrangements

Goal:To achieve ISO 14001 certification for our Burlington manufacturing


In  2010 Avid added to our ISO “Green” certifications by achieving ISO 14001 certification for the Supply and Technology facility in Burlington. ISO 14001 certification requires an organization to “identify and control the environmental impact of its activities, products or services, and to improve its environmental performance continually, to implement a systematic approach to setting environmental objectives and targets, and to demonstrate that they have been achieved.” (ISO.org)
In conjunction with ISO 14001 certification, our employees within the Supply and Technology facility showed a 70% increase in recycling through 2010.

Case Study - Media Composer 5.0

Corporate Travel

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After the first two months

As part of our  Media Composer 5.0 release, Avid implemented a new packaging design that had a significantly reduced impact on the environment. By moving to an electronic documentation strategy, we were able to significantly change our packaging design, making the overall product more environmentally friendly.

We’re Saving Trees
By eliminating over 1500 pages of printed documentation from our package we’ve saved and annual equivalent of 2900 trees, and we know that each tree removes about one metric ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year.

There’s Less Process
The processes used to create paper and cardboard utilize large quantities of water, petrochemicals, and electricity. By reducing the amount of paper and cardboard in the Media Composer package, we have eliminated an annual equivalent of over 6 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere.

We’re Shipping Less
By reducing the packaging weight by over 85%, we have also reduced the amount of fuel required to transport our product to our end users. Our redesigned package has saved an annual equivalent of 20 tons of carbon dioxide due to direct reductions in transportation fuel consumption.



2011 and Beyond

Now that we have some solid successes behind us, Avid continues to strive for improvements in our environmental impact for 2011. Some of our plans include building on our 2010 successes by achieving ISO 14001 certification for our Mountain View, CA office, to continue our improvements in environmentally friendly packaging components within our consumer product line, and by reviewing ways in which to design and build more environmentally friendly products.