Cosmonaut Voice


Cosmonaut Voice

For vocal processing that's really out there, give Cosmonaut Voice a whirl. Achieve telephone voice, CB radio, even interplanetary effects...all with a plug-in that looks as funky as it sounds. Cosmonaut Voice effects include distortion, noise, squelch, and even an authentic tone culled from recently declassified Russian space footage.


Macintosh OS X      

Windows Vista          
Windows XP      

Copy Protection: iLok required (sold separately)
Maximum Supported Sample Rate: 192 kHz

Download Notes

Note: For Bomb Factory Legacy Versions
The Digidesign Bomb Factory 4.0 and higher plug-ins have iLok authorizations that are different from legacy Bomb Factory products. ILok authorizations for Bomb Factory versions 3.0 and earlier will not work with the new Digidesign Bomb Factory 4.0 and higher plug-in installers. Customers who own legacy versions of Bomb Factory plug-in authorizations and wish to obtain new iLok licenses (authorizations) for the Digidesign Bomb Factory 4.0 and higher plug-ins should visit the
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