Drawmer Dynamics


Drawmer Dynamics

The Drawmer Dynamics Plug-In provides premium quality gating, compression and limiting to Pro Tools TDM users. Drawing on 20 years of experience in innovative signal processing, the Drawmer Dynamics Plug-In offers the performance attributes as well as the look and feel of world-renowned Drawmer analog units.


Based on Drawmer's legendary DS201 Noise Gate, the gate/compressor/limiter plug-in is the ultimate processing tool for percussive and highly transient material.

The Side-Chain Trigger can be set to key the gate from any audio track you choose, providing limitless processing possibilities. Key filters "tune" the gate to the required frequency to assist triggering, while the ultra-fast attack time adds punch. Audio is further enhanced by the compressor and is kept under precise control by the limiter.

For less percussive signals like vocals, guitar, and piano, Drawmer's Program Adaptive Circuits can intelligently shape and enhance the signal, breathing life into dull tracks and gently controlling excessively dynamic passages.

The expander/compressor/limiter plug-in is based on the Drawmer DL241 Auto Compressor and DL251 Limiter. Auto gain adjusts the gain of the compressor when the threshold or ratio controls are adjusted. Drawmer Dynamics takes full advantage of the latest Pro Tools functionality including dynamic automation, total save and recall of all parameters and mapping to external control surfaces.


  • External trigger from any TDM channel
  • Frequency Selective Gate
  • Compressor with optional Auto Attack and Release; optional Auto gain make up
  • Gate with External Side-Chain Trigger
  • Zero Overshoot Limiter
  • Stereo Linking


Macintosh OS X          
Windows Vista          
Windows XP          

Copy Protection: iLok required (sold separately)
Maximum Supported Sample Rate: 96 kHz

Download Notes

For Pro Tools|24 MIX Users
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Intel-based Macs
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