Drawmer TourBuss


Drawmer TourBuss

Since Drawmer was founded in the early 1980s, the company name has become synonymous with high-quality, professional signal processing products for studio, broadcast, and live sound reinforcement applications. Now Drawmer brings its expertise to the VENUE live sound environment with the introduction of the Drawmer TourBuss plug-in suite.

Designed with the live sound engineer in mind, Drawmer TourBuss offers four dynamics plug-ins exclusive to VENUE systems. The Drawmer TourBuss suite includes a Noise Gate, Compressor/Limiter, Expander, and Bracketing Filter, all of which retain the layout and emulate the sound of Drawmer’s renowned DS201 Noise Gate and DL241 Auto-Compressor hardware units.



Noise Gate
The TourBuss Noise Gate is based on the industry-standard Drawmer DS201—the world’s first “frequency-conscious” noise gate, which opens to user-defined frequency bands as well as signal level. The DS201 redefined the role of gating in the recording studio and in the live sound environment, transforming what was previously a simple on/off device into a powerful production tool. The TourBuss Noise Gate not only operates like the DS201, it also sounds like the original. Drawmer has applied extensive modeling techniques to match the sonic qualities of the hardware product in this plug-in version.

The Noise Gate features variable hi- and lo-pass filters to achieve frequency-specific gating while comprehensive envelope controls enable you to fine-tune attack, hold, decay, and range. With a “traffic-light” gate status display (that has green, yellow, and red lights) and metering that shows you when the threshold is being approached, you can see precisely how the gate is interacting with a channel’s program content. Using the Noise Gate in side-chain mode, a “key listen” switch enables you to quickly hear the audio source that is controlling the gate.

Combining aspects of both ratio-style and soft-knee compressors, the TourBuss Compressor/Limiter is equally adept at creative compression work and unobtrusive level control, all with analog-style response. With a wide threshold range to ensure accurate compression, a fully adjustable ratio (which ranges from gentle compression to absolute limiting), a switchable soft/hard knee operation, and an optional compressor bypass for limiter-only use, the TourBuss Compressor/Limiter gives you the utmost flexibility. An automatic program-adaptive attack and release help to provide trouble-free setup while an LED-style display shows gain reduction while the plug-in is in use.

Using compression is essential in live sound settings for controlling dynamic levels. But compressors can also cause problems, especially during quiet musical passages and pauses, as they raise the noise floor and increase the background noise to unacceptable levels. Although expanders can help to deal with those problems, many simple expanders have trouble differentiating between soft program content and noise. On vocal tracks, that can mean losing the beginning or ending of words, particularly if the vocalist has a wide dynamic range.

The TourBuss Expander features advanced capabilities—such as soft ratio settings—that are designed to overcome problems encountered by typical expanders when trying to distinguish between low-level sounds and background noise. With easy set-up, the Expander is the perfect solution when you need an efficient way to raise the volume of wanted sounds that are only slightly above the noise floor.

Bracketing Filter
With low and high 12 dB¬–per-octave filters, the TourBuss Bracketing Filter lets you remove unwanted frequencies that bleed into the source without having to use a more complicated, resource-hungry equalizer.

VENUE Integration
The Drawmer TourBuss suite integrates easily into the VENUE D-Show™ console and DSP mix engine. And because many live sound engineers already have experience using Drawmer analog gates and compressors, most will find the TourBuss suite an easy-to-use and essential addition to the VENUE environment.


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Copy Protection: iLok required (sold separately)
Maximum Supported Sample Rate: 48 kHz

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