HEATAdd some HEAT to your mix. Get the warmth and sonic character of analog “in the box” with HEAT (Harmonically Enhanced Algorithm Technology), an easy-to-use Pro Tools | HD software add-on that gives you the euphonic characteristics of prized analog gear without the expense or added bulk. Whether you’re mixing music or sound for picture, you’ll get the unmistakable sonic characteristics of a vintage analog console or outboard gear to “gel” your mixes together—right in Pro Tools. Try it free for 30 days.

Key features

  • Easily add analog warmth and character to any Pro Tools | HD mix
  • No need to launch a plug-in—access HEAT right in your Pro Tools Mix window
  • Control HEAT across every channel of your mix, without having to manage multiple instances
  • Realistically re-create the sound of audio mixed through vintage analog gear
  • Designed in collaboration with Cranesong founder, Dave Hill

Get the details

Hear from audio guru Dave Hill

Legendary designer and Cranesong founder Dave Hill explains what’s missing from the digital realm that many pros yearn for, and how HEAT gives your mixes the analog warmth you crave.

Add some HEAT to your mix: Hear from Audio Guru Dave Hill Legendary designer

Take a listen

This song*, “Ninja” by Nimble Tailors, features interchanging mixes done completely “in the box” with Pro Tools|HD and with two different settings in HEAT. Download the video (right click to save file) and take a listen through your best headphones or speakers to hear how HEAT shapes the mix.

* The song source files were recorded in Pro Tools | HD at 96 kHz, 24-bit resolution, and features all acoustic instruments, vocals, and one virtual instrument—Xpand!. We mixed the song in Pro Tools | HD using an ICON D-Command ES console, bussed to internal stem tracks, and then to a final stereo track with the McDSP ML4000 ML1 mastering limiter. We then dithered it down to 16-bit resolution and converted the sample rate to 48 kHz for the video.