ISIS | 2500

ISIS | 2500

Expand your media storage beyond real-time production with high-performance, workflow-connected, scalable nearline storage that makes housing and monetizing media easier. ISIS | 2500 delivers up to 1.6 PB of raw disk-based capacity to streamline media production, and delivers the reliability and protection you need—in even the most demanding environments.

Extend your workflow

Combined with ISIS online storage and other Avid workflows, ISIS | 2500 opens your production possibilities further. Store and play back any and all media, from proxy files for rough cut editing, to SD, HD, and high-res material. Access content from Media Composer | Cloud (formerly Interplay Sphere) for remote work. Restore assets from archive for repurposing content across new channels.Create a media pre-staging area for upcoming events or seasonal content. Even enable feed and file-based ingest to house media before moving it either to online storage for production and/or into archive.

Monetize your media

These days, media production is more than just the TV show, news program, movie, or other project at hand. It can involve creating new content for promos, social channels, subscription and on-demand services, and mobile platforms. ISIS | 2500 offers the high capacity and integrated workflows you need to build up and house a permanent library of high-res assets and readily available content that you can locate and deliver quickly as needed.

Purpose built for large-scale media storage

Optimized for rich media, ISIS | 2500 boosts your online storage capabilities with high-capacity nearline storage that offers speedy browse and restore capabilities not available with data tape libraries. Plus, it features a self-balancing, distributed file system and robust RAID 6 protection, which, when combined with ISIS | 5500 or ISIS | 7500, offers great cost efficiency per terabyte.

Proven and trusted by the industry

Over 3,000 broadcast and post-production customers—including the top 10 broadcasters in the world—have made ISIS their storage solution of choice. That’s because ISIS provides absolute peace of mind with proven reliability, redundancy, and protection. And with more affordable pricing and greater scalability, it’s easier than ever to store and protect your media assets now, with room to grow in the future.