Centralized ingest tool Controls router cross-points and recording of satellite feeds, microwave relays, or ENG material into multiple devices simultaneously including multi-res recording Efficient, flexible operation: consolidates feed management, and makes it available to multiple desktops, enabling you to work the way your station wants to work
Plan-ahead scheduling Automated scheduled recording in advance of both individual and recurring events Reduces errors: regular feeds adhere to an event schedule that Interplay | Capture will reliably trigger, even if operators are busy with other newsroom tasks
Instant Capture Crash or instant records can be triggered on the spot Fast turnaround: capture breaking news while it’s happening
Simultaneous proxy Both hi- and low-res material can be simultaneously generated from a single feed. Record destinations can be AirSpeed, other video servers, or VTRs Supports highly-efficient proxy workflows
VTR support Imports media from VTR using the BVW protocol and can control several VTRs simultaneously Provides single control point for managing feeds no matter their origin, even tapes from the field
Metadata management Interfaces directly with the Interplay | Production database, allowing increased metadata management and media logging with Interplay | Assist Flexibility to access, input, and change metadata before, during, and after recording
Failover and redundancy Designed with dynamic channel allocation and failover; can be installed in a redundant, hot-standby configuration Reliability: insures feeds are captured accurately and completely; adds peace of mind
Simplified UI A simple interface enables feed capture based on source, destination, time, duration, expiration, and recurring feeds Minimizes errors and eliminates guesswork on feeds, schedules, sources, and destinations
Rapid availability

Feeds ingested via Interplay | Capture are automatically checked into Interplay and media is instantly available in ISIS shared storage

Speed: Media is readily available to all connected users, even while feeds are still recording
Web service API

Provides programming interface to customers and other vendors that allows for remote access into Interplay | Capture

Interoperability with external applications
Optional router control service

Completes automated ingest workflow via interoperation with industry-standard routers

Increases flexibility of media recording; eliminates need for manual routing

Qualified Routers

Encore, Jupiter, ProBel,
Utah Scientific, Evertz,
Harris Platinum


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