Interplay | Production

From base configurations ideal for smaller dedicated facilities, to large configurations with hundreds of connected users requiring wide-ranging and diverse operations such as those at the industry’s largest news and production facilities, there is an Interplay | Production configuration for any workflow.

Interplay | Production consists of:

  • Base configuration comprised of asset management software running on powerful server hardware connected to ISIS shared storage
  • Role-based client applications designed to work within common shared work environments
  • Options designed to run invisibly and address specific workflow needs

Client Applications:

Optional Interplay | Production Services:

Extend Interplay | Production workflow capabilities by automating and moving all non-creative tasks to the background.


  • Ingest acceleration > Media | Director
    Orchestrates the process of ingesting media into production and nearline storage, including initiating media parking, transcoding, and check-in
  • Instant or scheduled captures > Interplay | Capture
    Manages media ingest from multiple devices, streamlining media capture with fast, accurate scheduling and control

Remote editing

  • Simplified search and sharing > Media | Index
    Accelerates and extends file search across multiple Interplay | Production systems—regardless of where the media is stored
  • Collaborative editing everywhere > Media Composer | Cloud (formerly Interplay Sphere)
    Real-time, workgroup-connected distributed editing. Enables Avid editors to playback and upload media and sequences from the field, enabling creative teams to build stories from wherever they take place


  • Custom-selectable delivery > Interplay | Delivery
    A single command that uses subclip, shotlist, or sequence information to determine what full or partial media segments to transfer between locations
  • Fast file copy > Interplay | Copy
    One-time or continuous high-speed replication of bulk files or folder structures across the LAN
  • Simple media migration > Interplay | Move
    Quickly and easily move files, folders, and entire folder structures between Avid ISIS storage systems


  • New resolutions, same asset > Interplay | Transcode
    Manual and automated background transcoding, consolidation, and mixdown to the right resolution and tracking as a common asset


  • Multi-Platform Distribution > Media | Distribute (formerly Interplay Pulse)
    Unify content distribution to a diverse community of channels and devices through workflow automation
  • Intelligent media transfers > Interplay | Transfer
    Manages media transfers to devices and workgroups in the background as work continues


  • Streamlined archive and restore > Interplay | Archive
    Production workgroup-connected archive management that unifies asset search, retrieval, and browsing and supports a wide range of storage options including NAS, SAN, and tape libraries
  • Asset management interoperation > Interplay | MAM Production Interoperation (MPI)
    Automated media metadata exchange with Interplay | MAM