Interplay Stream Publish


Part of the background capability that provides WAN workflow to Interplay Access users anywhere in the world, the Stream Publish service continually monitors for MPEG-4 low-res proxy files, then wraps and makes them available to the Stream Server for on-demand use by Access users across the WAN. Interplay Stream Publish is an automated process that needs no hand-holding: it runs continuously, automatically preparing any proxy file for streaming.

Key Features

WAN workflows
Interplay Stream Publish takes MPEG4 proxies created by the editor, by the AirSpeed Multi Stream server, Interplay Low-Res Encode, or by Interplay Transcode and provides them as QuickTime reference files for Interplay Stream Publish. Once they’re wrapped and published to Stream Server, Access users can browse, view, play, annotate and – even create shotlists – all over a common WAN connection.

High-speed publishing
Even master clips of extended durations are available fast. With a real-world processing speed of approximately 10 times faster than real time – and peak performance as much as 20 times faster, a one hour MPEG4 master clip can be ready for streaming over the WAN in as little as 6 minutes

Non-stop Collaboration
At the same time, these same proxy media files – while being prepared for streaming to Interplay Access users across the network – are still directly accessible within the production network via other Interplay-supported client applications such as Assist, Media Composer, NewsCutter, and iNEWS Instinct.

 If additional throughput or load balancing is required for facilities with high-demand WAN workflows, additional servers can be added to the system.

It’s Automatic
Interplay Stream Server is part of the Interplay family of Distributed Media Services, so it operates continuously and automatically in the background, keeping desktops and end users productive.

Note: Product specifications are subject to change without notice.