VENUE MADI Option Card
  • Brings industry-standard MADI connectivity to D-Show, Profile, and Mix Rack Systems
  • Send and receive up to 64 channels of 24-bit, 48 kHz audio—including all Stage inputs—with one MADI card installed in an FOH Rack or Mix Rack
  • Double your distribution up to 128 channels by adding a second MADI card to an FOH Rack
  • Simplify your setup—and gain peace of mind—with automatic input signal detection and simultaneous optical and coaxial outputs, enabling redundant connections
  • Transmit audio up to 2 km (1.24 miles) away over fiber optic cable, or up to 100 meters (328 feet) over coaxial cable, without signal quality loss
  • Verify and troubleshoot connections using the Signal Present and Optical Source LEDs

Open Up Your Workflow
Because MADI is an open protocol, you can easily integrate your Avid live sound system into more recording applications than ever before with the MADI Option Card. And it supports both optical and coaxial connections, as well as 56- and 64-channel modes, so you can connect your system to a wide variety of MADI devices from countless manufacturers—without additional format converters.

Fuss-Free Flexibility
Forget complicated signal routing using a digital patchbay—all Stage inputs are automatically routed to MADI card outputs 1–48, effectively creating a digital audio split that can be routed to any MADI device. In addition to the Stage inputs, you can assign another 16 channels, sourced from anywhere within the console, for a total of 64 audio channels.

Perfect for the Long Haul
Using fiber optic cable, you can transmit audio up to 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) away—without any loss in signal quality—making MADI an ideal connection for outside broadcast applications, large-scale concert touring, and other “long haul” setups.

Easy Installation, Robust Reliability
The MADI card fits right into any available expansion slot in your FOH Rack or Mix Rack. Install up to two MADI cards in an FOH Rack to send and receive up to 128 channels of audio (perfect for capturing all inputs from dual Stage Rack systems). Or install a single card in an FOH Rack or Mix Rack to send and receive up to 64 audio channels. And with the card’s automatic input signal detection and Optical Priority mode features, you can connect both optical and coaxial inputs and outputs for an auto-switched, redundant connection, ensuring peace of mind.

Two MADI Input Modes
VENUE software
adds two input modes to accommodate MADI workflows—MADI Input and MADI Virtual Soundcheck. When using MADI as the primary input source, enable MADI Input mode to route all incoming MADI signals to the input processing channels, with full snapshot support, so you can store and recall digital gain settings and other console parameters.

To do a Virtual Soundcheck, turn on MADI Virtual Soundcheck mode to temporarily replace all Stage microphone inputs with MADI inputs from a playback source. Any gain changes you make while in this mode can then be applied back to your Stage inputs for show time.

VENUE Software Input ModeAudio Signals on MADI Card OutputAudio Signals on MADI Card Input
Stage Stage mic inputs: Channels 1–48 (post-ADC converter, pre-HPF and channel processing)

Patchbay assignable outputs:  Channels 49–64

Patchbay assignable inputs: Channels 49–64
MADI Input or MADI Virtual Soundcheck Patchbay assignable outputs: Channels 49–64 MADI input: Channels 1–48

Patchbay assignable inputs: Channels 49–64