Media Composer | Cloud

Key Benefits

Work worldwide

Work worldwide

Use global editing workflows, including access to Interplay | Production assets.

Work safe

Work safe

Operate in a secure private cloud.

Work in parallel

Work in parallel

Upload and share field assets while editing.

Work anywhere

Work anywhere

All you need is a camera, laptop, and 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

Key Features

Media Composer | Cloud enables you to:

  • Extend real-time collaborative production to Media Composer editors everywhere with an Internet connection
  • Edit projects from any location, incorporating both locally acquired and workgroup media assets
  • Browse and use streamed workgroup media in real-time without pre-creating proxy media
  • Download workgroup media to local storage for improved remote performance and disconnected editing
  • Transparently handle transcoding, uploading, and check-in of finished projects and locally acquired media in the background with a Wi-Fi or 4G connection
  • Upload H.264 proxy media, full-resolution media, or proxy followed by full-resolution media
  • Begin uploading media before a sequence is finished

Feature Details

Easy, two-way access/connection

Securely edit complete stories from any location, collaborate with distributed teams across complex workflows, and easily deliver content to production facilities.

Simplified workflows

Media Composer | Cloud automatically manages media transcode, upload, and check-in to any connected Interplay | Production system in the background, without disrupting your creative flow. Edit directly from Interplay, while predefined output processes simplify editing and automatic check-in on the production asset system. Coming soon, Media Composer | Cloud will also support Background Render, Dynamic Media Folders and Editor Background Transcode.

Intelligent media transfers

Begin uploading media as you're editing a story to speed the crucial transfer of local media from the field. You can intelligently prioritize your media transfer based on working content and deliver proxy files ahead of full-resolution files.

Extend your newsroom or production to any location

Media Composer | Cloud connects Media Composer editors with Interplay | Production, enabling the full spectrum of media creation, workflow management, collaboration, and connectivity, optimized for broadcast and post production, and fit for any deadline-driven environment.