Mix Rack Features

VENUE Mix Rack

An alternative to the local FOH Rack and remote Stage Rack system, the 11-space Mix Rack combines all stage and local I/O, computer control, and DSP processing into a single compact rack enclosure. Mix Rack offers much of the same functionality as FOH Rack and Stage Rack, and is compatible with D-Show and Profile consoles.

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Compact Design
Designed with small- to mid-sized venues, houses of worship, regional sound reinforcement companies, and corporate A/V events in mind, Mix Rack provides the hallmarks of Avid live sound systems—high-quality sound and unparalleled flexibility—in a compact footprint. For larger touring operations, Mix Rack complements your existing Avid live sound inventory, allowing you to scale a system for any size event. Since it fulfills the functionality of the usual two-component I/O and processing system, Mix Rack fits nicely into venues where stage real estate is at a premium. It can also easily replace an analog console; simply drop Mix Rack right into the existing analog snake system.

Integrated I/O, Computer, and DSP Processing
Mix Rack offers integrated and expandable I/O, computer control, and DSP processing in one rack (an analog snake is required to interface with Mix Rack). It features an embedded Windows XPe computer platform running VENUE software as the central point of control for the entire Mix Rack System. Mix Rack comes standard with two DSP Mix Engine cards (expandable to three for additional plug-in processing), 48 mic/line inputs, and 16 outputs (expandable to 32). It also includes a host of local I/O, including MIDI I/O, ancillary I/O, and a COM input that can handle either microphone or intercom inputs, at no expense to mic/line input or output counts.

One Software Platform—Total File Portability
All Avid live sound systems operate under one common software platform—VENUE software, the industry’s easiest yet most comprehensive control software. VENUE software sets new standards in operational efficiency and workflow, giving you instant access to and full control over any function of the system. Just a simple button push on the console or click from the screen gives you access to inputs, outputs, show files, snapshots, patchbays, plug-ins, and more. And because all Avid live sound systems share this same software platform, you can create and load show files for use on any Avid live system; no need to learn new software or build new show files if you switch consoles or re-scale your system.

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Customize with Mix Rack Options
Mix Rack has a number of options available to meet your interface and processing needs. Whether you want more processing power, want the flexibility of remote I/O, need to expand your output count, need to supply A-Net connectivity with Aviom Pro16 Series devices, or integrate Pro Tools|HD or Pro Tools recording and playback for Virtual Soundcheck and multitrack archiving (Mix Rack provides a single slot for one Pro Tools option), Mix Rack options are easy to install and deploy. You can even add remote I/O capabilities to your system by adding the optional Stage 48 and its companion Ethernet Snake Card.

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