Avid Motion Graphics Order Management

Avid Motion Graphics Production

Avid Motion Graphics (AMG) Order Management connects your newsroom to the graphics department and asset management system, enabling you to access this work order system through the AMG Journalist NRCS plug-in or a web browser. You can search for graphics, order assets, assign priority, and track and fulfill requests from anywhere. AMG Order Management removes the hassle of getting the right content in the right place at the right time, so you can focus on telling your story.

Complete order management

From start to finish, AMG Order Management facilitates the graphics ordering process, providing immediate updates to stakeholders, and a live queue for easy assignment, prioritization, and tracking. You can browse, order, search, view, retrieve, modify, and delete graphics from a single modular interface that integrates with the tools you already use.

Find graphics fast

With this powerful and customizable search engine, you can find what you need fast in your local asset libraries or your graphics asset management system. Simply drag and drop graphics to the desired replaceable field to fulfill templates.

Open asset management benefit

AMG Order Management includes connectors to Alfresco asset management systems. Choose whether you want to use the Alfresco One enterprise solution or the open source Community Edition. Avid’s partnership with Alfresco* means you can get started with these award-winning DAM solutions and on your way to increased productivity.

Optimize productivity

AMG Order Management automates graphics requests through fulfillment and streamlines communication for everyone involved. Placeholders in the graphics production cue hook into the fulfillment and approval process directly from the graphics order, enabling you to continue working on your story instead of waiting for graphics. Status and notifications are available to keep everyone up to date.

Preview images

View replaceable images and clips right from the search results pane with the built-in thumbnails. Preview your completed graphics with all template replacements made—ready to go to air.


*Go to: www.alfresco.com for more information