Avid Motion Graphics

News Workflow IntegrationConfigurationDescription

Avid Motion Graphics Journalist

NRCS plug-in for newsroom integration

Enables journalists to include graphics in their stories using templates

Avid Motion Graphics News Control

Dedicated newsroom graphics control interface

Enables full control of any graphics parameter up to air-time

Avid Motion Graphics News

AMG Journalist and News Control applications bundle

Get both newsroom integration tools in one package

System ConfigurationConfigurationDescription

Dual-channel configuration

Avid Motion Graphics, AMG Production, and AMG Engine systems can be configured to support single-channel or dual-channel playout

Expands configuration options for larger operations

Avid Motion Graphics Channel 2

Field upgrade kit

Converts AMG systems from single-channel to dual-channel

Avid Motion Graphics Engine

Standalone playout engine available in single-channel or dual-channel configuration

Supports a distributed system architecture; extends playout channel count

Graphics EnhancementConfigurationDescription

Avid Motion Graphics Clips

Media clip capture and playout option

Enables you to integrate video and audio into your graphics

Avid Motion Graphics Stereoscopic

3D graphics creation and playout option

Takes your graphics into the 3D realm

Industry Tool IntegrationConfigurationDescription

Avid Motion Graphics PSD

Plug-in for Photoshop graphics export

Translates Photoshop layers and text for use in Avid Motion Graphics

Avid Motion Graphics 3DS

Plug-in for Autodesk 3D Studio Max export

Translates geometry and scenes for use in Avid Motion Graphics for real-time playback