A Completely Integrated System
Designed for use with D-Show or Profile Systems configured with a Stage Rack, the Personal Q (PQ) system consists of at least one and up to eight PQ Controllers, which artists use to remotely control their own individual stereo monitor mixes, and a PQ Rack to which the controllers all connect via 4-pin XLR cables. The PQ Rack connects directly to the Stage Rack via a PQ Link cable, and carries control data to and from the D-Show or Profile console and VENUE software. Engineers simply select and assign a wide array of signal sources in VENUE software for the artist to control—up to 12 different sources per controller.

Because audio is fed out of the Stage Rack through the analog or digital 24-bit/48 kHz XLR outputs, PQ makes it easy to integrate in-ear monitor (IEM) receivers for artists who don’t want to be tethered to a mixing station by a headphone cable, providing the ultimate in sound quality and freedom.

True Tandem Control
Unlike single-ended systems that only route signals to the artist for localized mixing and monitoring, the PQ system enables the engineer to evaluate the artist’s remote mix from his or her mix location, and assist the artist as needed. While the artist controls his or her mix using the PQ Controller, the engineer can solo the remote mix directly from the D-Show or Profile console and make any necessary adjustments. This allows both the artist and engineer to evaluate and mix common audio to create outstanding monitor mixes, and ensures that both are listening to and adjusting the same mix at all times.

Both the artist and engineer can solo, meter, and mix all available PQ sources, including adjusting levels and pan settings. Engineers can also store and recall settings using VENUE software on a per-show or song-by-song basis, if desired. This gives the artist the highest level of repeatability with the least amount of effort, and makes sound checks and shows easier and more consistent than ever before. The PQ system also offers a call button that the artist can initiate to get the engineer’s attention in the event that the engineer is occupied or out of direct eye contact. In addition, the artist or engineer can lock the PQ Controller out at any time to prevent additional or accidental changes.

PQ Rack and Controller Hardware Features
PQ Rack

  • 1U rack provides 4-pin XLR connections for up to eight PQ Controllers
  • Connects to the Stage Rack via PQ Link cable (10-foot cable included)

PQ Controller

  • Connects to and powered by the PQ Rack via a PQ Controller cable (50-foot cable included)
  • Four rotary encoders with LED rings allow level, pan, solo, and metering adjustments of up to 12 inputs per PQ mixer
  • Master volume/call control with LED ring allows artists to adjust the volume by turning the encoder, or send a call message to the engineer by pressing it
  • Four on/off switches for enabling or disabling inputs
  • Four 6-character displays show input and control names
  • Lockout feature allows the artist or engineer to temporarily lock the PQ Controller from changes