Why Use the Media Composer | PhraseFind Option?

Let the pros tell you how and why they rely on this powerful dialog search option to search for and find the clips the need fast, saving countless hours in the edit room.

 Amazing! PhraseFind is truly going to change the way we edit. I get scripts with English and Spanish columns… I don’t speak Spanish, so having a Spanish language search pack is going to make me so much money!
David Baertsch, editor, db Editorial
 @MediaComposer #PhraseFind = awesome! Saved me 2 hours of scrubbing through interviews today alone. Big, big deal when working a 14 hour day.

Jeffrey Williams (jeffrey723), editor, Mile 47 Post

 #avid @mediacomposer Phrase Find just save a couple hours of searching audio file. How did we ever edit w/o phonetic searching?

Scott Simmons (editblog), editor/writer, The Editblog


@MediaComposer Lovin' Avid Phrasefind, http://tt.id.au/htoDZe 1st day on the Symphony and saved me half an hour looking for grabs!

Andrew McColm (EvolvingComms), director, Evolving Communications

As soon as I opened it up, I realized how many hours in my career could have been saved by this tool... PhraseFind will keep more and more of my projects on Avid.

Scott Witthaus, editor, 1708 Editorial