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What is Pro Tools | HDX?

Pro Tools | HDX is the new generation of Pro Tools | HD system, providing more power, higher audio quality, and easier ways to record, edit, and mix the most demanding productions. Get more tracks, more headroom, and up to 5x more dedicated DSP power to tackle even the most massive music and post-production projects with the confidence that comes with guaranteed performance.

Important information about Pro Tools | HD Accel and legacy (“blue”) interfaces

Supports the new AAX plug-in format
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Get up to 5x more power than Pro Tools|HD Accel

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Avid Pro Tools HDX features include floating-point calculations for plug-in processing and mixing.

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Avid Pro Tools HDX offers more power per card.

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Pro Tools | HDX includes one HDX PCIe card, your choice of Pro Tools | HD Series interface, and Pro Tools | HD Software. Employ up to three HDX cards in one system for maximum track counts and performance. Purchase a new Pro Tools | HDX system or save big when you upgrade from any Pro Tools | HD or Pro Tools | HD Native system.

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