Why Use the Media Composer | ScriptSync Option?

Let the pros tell you how and why they rely on this powerful dialog search and analysis option to sync all relevant clips to the script automatically, enabling them to find the best takes and save countless hours in the edit room.

Editing improvised dialog…

 [ScriptSync] is the greatest invention I’ve ever seen for editing, and it’s truly unique to Avid [systems].
Robert Bramwell, editor, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Discover why Robert Bramwell says the Media Composer | ScriptSync Option is essential to his craft.

Dealing with documentaries…

 [ScriptSync] is one of many reasons why I choose to use Avid.
Steve Audette, editor, Nico’s Challenge

Watch how the Media Composer | ScriptSync Option speeds up editing and improves content.

The Media Composer | ScriptSync Option saves the day…

 ScriptSync was a huge timesaver and has to be one of the best features that Avid has added in a long time.
Scott Simmons, editor, The EditBlog

Read how the Media Composer | ScriptSync Option saves time when faced with multiple languages and no translator.

Bringing a dark comedy to light…

 Getting the tone just right really depended on the performances. ScriptSync was the method we used to find those performances.
Jason Stewart, editor, World’s Greatest Dad