Speed up Script-Based Editing with the Media Composer | ScriptSync Option, Powered by Nexidia

MC Scriptsync

Take script-based projects to a whole new level with the Media Composer | ScriptSync Option, a unique timesaving software option for Media Composer | Software. This powerful clip dialog search and analysis option accelerates your editing by phonetically indexing all text and audible dialog in your project automatically and then "syncing" the relevant source clips with the script itself. Once synchronized, you can find the best takes instantly by quickly comparing performances in the context of your story.

Ideal for scripted films and TV shows, documentaries, interviews, reality TV, and any project with scripted or transcribed dialog, the Media Composer | ScriptSync Option enables you to effortlessly locate all takes of any dialog line, eliminating hours of routine work, so you can find what you need up to 30 times faster.