Feature highlights

When speed and efficiency are of the utmost importance, Video Satellite bridges Pro Tools|HD and Media Composer family workflows together, enabling you to mix sound in sync with Avid video sequences, without requiring any effects rendering, media transcoding, or file copying.

  • Open and play Avid HD and SD sequences without rendering effects, transcoding video, or copying files.
  • Supports Mojo DX and Nitris DX for full-quality HD video capture and playback
  • Import, play back, and capture* all HD video resolutions, including DNxHD, DVCPro HD, AVC-I, XDCAM HD, and HDV
  • Work in sync with Media Composer software—the industry’s most powerful film- and video-editing software

  • Proprietary Ethernet protocol achieves faster lock than 9-pin connections for tighter responsiveness when scrubbing and shuttling
  • Stream video directly from Avid ISIS shared storage systems
  • Manage projects and assets with Interplay

Feature details

Streamline your workflow

Video Satellite greatly streamlines the workflow between Pro Tools editors and Avid video editors. With Video Satellite installed on the dedicated video playback system, Pro Tools editors can open any bin, or open and play any HD or SD video sequence from it without having to render effects, transcode video, or copy files. And video editors no longer have to export an AAF file or perform a video mixdown to share video material with Pro Tools editors.

Work with Media Composer

With Video Satellite, Pro Tools editors can work in sync with industry-standard Media Composer software. Gain access to its creative tools, media management capabilities, high-quality effects, and output options. Use the built-in templates to simplify operation, and enjoy the same full-resolution, color-corrected video you've seen in the video suite. Video Satellite also ensures compatibility with the latest codecs and formats used by Avid video editors.

Access Avid shared storage

Using Video Satellite on Media Composer system, Pro Tools editors can achieve full integration into the Avid video workflow. Access and stream video from ISIS shared storage, and manage projects and assets through the Avid Interplay asset management system*. Even import XDCAM-based MXF OP-1a files, and send audio and video to playout servers and archives.

Maintain full Pro Tools HD power

With Video Satellite, there’s no need to compromise audio quality when working with hi-def video. Because all video playback is offloaded onto a dedicated Media Composer Video Satellite computer, you can continue to run full audio track count sessions on your Pro Tools|HD system, with all of the automation and processing power intact.

* Qualified Avid video peripheral required to capture certain video resolutions.