Virus Indigo


Virus Indigo Following in the footsteps of its wildly popular Virus predecessor, the Access Virus Indigo plug-in takes full advantage of Pro Tools technology to give you an endless palette of tasty sonic possibilities. With mounds of world-class sounds instantly at your disposal and support for the higher sample rates of Pro Tools|HD, you have everything you need to create complex, rich tones with no audible latency.

Owners of the original Virus can purchase a $95 upgrade to Virus Indigo through Avid Customer Service 


Since it uses the same DSP algorithms as the original Access Virus synths, the Virus Indigo plug-in sounds exactly like its hardware counterpart. Truly a knob-tweaker's playground, the plug-in features a huge selection of parameters — over 30 more than the original Virus — for building dense, layered textures with that distinctive Virus "virtual analog" sound. For immediate access to the most important and frequently used parameters, Virus Indigo now includes an all-new "Easy" page to get your sound design efforts off the ground in a hurry.

Along with the 1,000+ world-class sounds ready to go right out of the box, Virus Indigo enables you to fully explore your creative impulses by offering up to eight multi-timbral synthesizers on a single DSP. Intricately detailed patches are readily achievable by simply manipulating the numerous oscillators, filters, envelopes, LFOs, amplifiers and effects controls populating the Indigo's blue interface.

You can also take advantage of the "Easy" page for immediate access to the most important and frequently used parameters. When you're ready to commit your ideas to a Pro Tools session, Virus Indigo is capable of powering entire compositions with up to 160 voices (on Pro Tools|HD systems at 48 kHz; 128 voices are available with expanded Pro Tools|24 MIX systems).

Like the hardware unit, the Virus Indigo plug-in uses intelligent smoothing algorithms to eliminate disturbing artifacts while editing, which makes it the perfect choice for both live and studio applications. Users can also conveniently page through different views of the plug-in for quick and easy patch editing. And since it is a TDM plug-in, all Virus Indigo parameters are fully automatable, with the smoothest automation resolution in the industry.

The Pro Tools TDM architecture with dedicated DSP hardware provides an enormously powerful platform for the Virus Indigo plug-in. In addition to its near-zero latency,TDM is not prone to CPU bottlenecks and reduced voice count typical of many software synthesizers. TDM also allows far more visible controls and features than the Virus Indigo hardware synthesizer.

In addition, the Virus Indigo plug-in takes full advantage of Pro Tools' MIDI environment. Instantiate multiple instances to fill out your project, and pipe raw audio and MIDI into your mix in a snap. Comprehensive Pro Tools capabilities also enable you to utilize Avid control surfaces via Ethernet, or a hardware Virus unit or other controllers to manipulate the parameters of Virus Indigo via MIDI. It all adds up to true "power-on-demand" performance for professional music production without the need for expensive outboard tone generators.

The Access Virus Indigo TDM plug-in empowers musicians and producers to go beyond recording, editing and mixing with Pro Tools, and provides great-sounding synthesis power available completely within the Pro Tools application itself. With the Virus Indigo plug-in, the industry's most powerful digital audio workstation further becomes the center of an integrated, creative work environment.

Requires available USB port for iLok authorization


  • Over 1,000 world-class sounds right out of the box
  • More than 30 new parameters and functions than included with the original Access Virus TDM plug-in
  • New "Easy" page for easier access to the most important parameters
  • Supports up to 96 kHz sampling rates
  • Perfect TDM integration with true DSP "power-on demand"
  • Up to 20 voices per Pro Tools|HD DSP, with a maximum of 160 voices total at 48 kHz, or 80 voices at 96 kHz
  • Up to 16 voices on a Pro Tools|24 MIX DSP with up to 128 voices on an expanded system
  • Up to eight multi-timbral synthesizers per DSP
  • Ultra-low MIDI-to-audio latency
  • Fully automated with frame accuracy for over 180 parameters
  • Plug-in library function allows easy patch management and exchange
  • Loads patches directly from the Access Virus hardware — no need to reprogram all your existing sounds
  • "Input Mode" allows routing of complete mixes through the Virus filter section


Macintosh OS X          
Windows Vista          
Windows XP          

Copy Protection: iLok required (sold separately)
Maximum Supported Sample Rate: 96 kHz

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For Pro Tools|24 MIX Users
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Access Music
Koenigswall 6
Recklinghausen 45657

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