For projects that require multiple operators and Pro Tools|HD systems, Satellite Link is a fully integrated, software synchronization option, providing the ultimate in system control and fast, reliable sync.

Master Multiple Pro Tools|HD Rigs
Satellite Link offers multi-master capabilities that let you control up to twelve Pro Tools|HD systems at once, using a single transport. Satellite Link enables near sample-accurate playback and other transport functions across all systems from any one of the linked Pro Tools|HD “satellites”. And when it comes to mixing, Satellite Link enables all synced systems to work together as a single mixer.

Easy to Use
Satellite Link is both easy to configure and use. Simply connect all of your “satellite” systems through Ethernet across your network or a local switch. Then use the software’s remote control panel within any of the linked systems to toggle the online or offline link status of the other systems. You can also synchronize mixed frame rates across your Pro Tools systems, and interface with 9-pin devices for layback and digitizing.

Part of a Complete Sync Solution
For the ultimate post-production workflow, you can integrate Satellite Link and your Pro Tools setup with Avid video workstations. Install the Video Satellite software option on one of your Pro Tools|HD systems, connect it to a separate system running Avid Media Composer, and you can play Avid HD sequences in sync with your Pro Tools sessions. Or connect a Pro Tools system with the Video Satellite LE option installed, to bring the Avid high-definition video workflow to Pro Tools in the most simple and cost-effective way.


  • Sync up to twelve Pro Tools|HD systems together with near sample-accurate lock
  • Multi-master transport capabilities allow each linked system to control transport functions
  • Supports Video Satellite and Video Satellite LE options for working with high-definition video
  • Solo-link capabilities enable linked systems to function as a single mixer
  • Loop playback and half-speed mode support