ACSR Editing

The Avid Certified Support Representative (ACSR) for Editing thoroughly understands the technical and operational aspects of Avid Editing Systems-including Avid Media Composer, Avid Symphony and Avid NewsCutter-on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. This certification also offers access to Avid's Senior Support Team and connects you to the community of certified ACSR Support Representatives worldwide.


There are several benefits to becoming an Avid Certified Support Representative (ACSR) for Editing.            

  • Official Avid Certification is recognized across the industry
  • Expanded technical expertise in Avid Editing Systems
  • Ability to connect with the worldwide community of ACSRs
  • Access to Avid's Senior Support Team
  • Access to ACSR logos for use on your resume and other communications


Do I have to take the prerequisites in order to get into the CS 400 Editing Systems course?
Potential course participants may highlight their history of work with Avid products up to the point of applying for the ACSR program in their application . The ACSR program manager has discretion to allow prerequisites to be waived based on applicant experience level.

I'm an engineer/technician not an editor, is this class all about editing techniques? 
No.  The CS 400 ACSR-Avid Editing Systems course is a technical course designed for engineers and technicians who support and maintain Avid systems.  However, familiarity with the Avid interface is essential.

How much of the application components will I be required to know, and are they covered in this course?
You should have a basic understanding of the editing applications and know your way around them.  For example, it is assumed that you understand bin structures and program and user settings. These subjects are not covered in the class. The recommended course, MC 101 Introduction to Avid Media Composer, is designed to give you this understanding before you enter into the ACSR program.

How to take the exam?

In order to take the Editing Support Representative certification exam, you must complete the following steps:        

            1.) If necessary, take the MC 101 Introduction to Avid Media Composer course.

            2.) Create an Avid user profile and submit the ACSR Program Application.

3.) When your application is approved, you will receive notification.

4.) Complete CS 400 ACSR-Avid Editing Systems.

5.) Pass the ACSR Editor Certification Exam.

Recertification: To retain your ACSR for Editing status, attend the refresher course, CS 410 ACSR Recertification-Avid Editing Systems, each year.


The CS400 ACSR class costs $3,000 USD but are priced according to currency values in specific countries and regions.  Please visit the Training Contact page for your region's contact details.  Please note: Prices are subject to change.