Pro Tools 310P Advanced Post Production Techniques


24 to 30 hours


This course focuses on the advanced operation of Pro Tools in a professional post production environment. It  includes technical insights into both Pro Tools hardware and software.


This course is designed for end-users with intermediate Pro Tools post-production skills who want to gain the highest level if technical and operational Pro Tools knowledge.


The following courses must be completed prior to beginning this course:


At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Configure Pro Tools|HD systems for Post Audio
  • Troubleshoot Pro Tools|HDsystems in the Post environment
  • Synchronize Pro Tools|HD with Linear Video
  • Efficiently control Pro Tools via a surface and through key commands
  • Execute Post production recording techniques
  • Execute Editing workflows
  • Design sound effects using plug-ins
  • Implement advanced routing and mixing techniques
  • Use fundamental mixing architectures & techniques in post production
  • Mix with Satellite Link
  • Use advanced layback techniques